Amani Women Center is OPEN! Sunday 08/20/2020

Amani Women Center is OPEN! 11am-5pm, Sunday 08/02/2020.


Amani Masks On Sale!

Respecting all Covid-19 guidelines! Shop at our boutique – JOHARI AFRICA!  lt’s an African Experience – A must see!

You can visit us or order online and pick up at our center! Learn more about Refugee Women sewing masks and the roles we are playing in the community to address these uncertain times! Purchase or Donate a mask?? 

  • Our masks are made according to the Emory Healthcare Guidelines?? 
  • Sewn-in with Natural Organic 100% Muslin Cotton Filters 
  • 100% Cotton Fabric??
  • All fabric is washed & sanitized before production


Masks Should Be Worn The Right Way!

  1. The top edge sits on the bridge of your nose.
  2. The bottom edge sits under your chin.
  3. Secure elastic around ear loops.
  4. Should fit snugly but not tight – Allow for breathing without restrictions.
  5. Wash mask and hands after using daily – you can spray masks with hydrogen peroxide and wash in hot, soapy water. Then air dry or in a dryer.

Please recommend Amani Masks to a friend. We are grateful for your support!!