Amani Sewing Academy

Our sewing program has opened up a world of opportunities for the refugee women in Clarkston and the possibilities are endless. The women are expressing their creative side while earning an income. Of course, there’s nothing more wonderful than the feeling of pride you get when you create something yourself!

The Sewing Academy is an expansion of a social enterprise by Amani Women Center (AWC) of Clarkston, Ga. Refugee women participating in this program are in need of a safe space where they can continue making the products that they are already making as well as have an opportunity to acquire additional sewing skills. At the successful completion of the sewing program, participants are awarded a certificate of completion and a new sewing machine.  Jobs referrals and application assistance is offered to graduates as jobs become available. We do this to bring encouragement to their lives by creating marketable skills to earn income for themselves and  their families.


Sandy Teepen of Sandies Label - Volunteers at ASA.
Sandy Teepen of Sandies Label - Volunteers at ASA.

Become a Student

To learn about the program, the time and what it entails to complete, or to be considered as a student, please apply by clicking on the Apply for Internship Button below and submit OR make an appointment to meet with us at AWC by sending an email via our contact page.



We believe in a holistic approach to ensure that refugee women have improved well-being in order to be able to be productive members of their families and communities at large. To sponsor a refugee woman / student, please click on the Sponsor a Student button below.