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Our Story


In 2005, while working as a public health professional in the Clarkston community, Doris Mukangu saw a major need among the underserved African Women Refugees and decided to do something about it. She started with health education, helping refugees navigate the daunting health system, and gradually added other services and programs such as the Amani Sewing Academy -  In understanding how to work with hard-to-reach populations within this group, Doris used the right tools to empower refugee women with skills and languages they understand and in a manner, they could relate to culturally.

Refugees arrive in their environment very optimistic about endless possibilities in their new home. Many receive social services for only 3 months, after which, they are on their own. Hence, the relevance of grassroots organizations like Amani Women Center that play a major role in helping refugees survive and thrive. In 2007, together with the help of a core team that believed in her vision, AWC became an official 501-C3 non-profit organization based in Clarkston Georgia. (The city with the most diverse square mile of refugees in America.)

Amani Women Center (AWC) educates and empowers both refugee and immigrant families in the city of Clarkson, Dekalb County, Gwinnett County, and Atlanta metro areas. AWC's global initiative; mirrors our mission and programs in local communities in different parts of Africa. Amani's global initiative includes artisans and partners in West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, and South Africa.

Sewing Classroom

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower and educate refugee women through culturally-tailored programs that contribute to their economic security and overall well-being.

Our vision is to provide a one-stop safe haven for refugee women of all cultures, who are seeking a space for spiritual, mental, and physical healing.

Our Holistic Appraoch

Once the resettlement services and benefits end in 3 months, refugees are faced with the challenges of providing for themselves and their families. Hence, the relevance of grassroots organizations like Amani Women Center play a major role in helping refugees survive and thrive. AWC fills this important gap by providing 3 unique programs utilizing a holistic approach designed to build and sustain healthy families within the home and the community.