AWC Breast Cancer Project

Initiates practices that reduce the mortality rate of breast cancer among
African refugee and immigrant women in Georgia and parts of Africa.

  • Provide culturally and linguistically sensitive breast health education

  • Schedule mammogram appointments for refugee women

  • Provide transportation to and from screenings

  • Provide translation services

  • Provide navigation services

Refugee Health Insurance

  • Eligibility and Enrollment Issue
  • Referral Services
  • Health Promotion, Education and
  • Emotional Wellness

Life Skills Training

  • AWC Sewing Academy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership Training
  • ESL - English Literacy

Job Placement Help

  • Workforce Development
  • Pre Screening
  • Resume building

Civic Engagement

  • Census 
  • Voter Registration
  • SNAP


AWC is proud to provide affordable, professional, high-quality expert language and translation services
to our clients in non-governmental organizations, charities, and other service partners.

We have seasoned in-house specialists fluent in:

Arabic     Swahili      Amharic     Tigrinya      Somali      French       English

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service and reliability at the most affordable price.
AWC will work with your organization directly to provide the best quality service in the most efficient way possible.
Please contact us for a free quote for your specific project

Immigration / Legal

AWC provides referral services in low cost legal counseling and representation in immigration matters.
Our referral services include assisting families seeking to obtain, extend or retain lawful immigration
status or citizenship in the United States.

  • Immigration consultations

  • Family-based petitions

  • Adjustment of status

  • Trafficking, crime victim, and domestic violence-based immigration applications

  • Immigration consultation

  • Applications for Citizenship

  • Inadmissibility waiver applications

  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

  • Cancellation of removal

  • Consultations for Unaccompanied Minors

  • Asylum

Amani Sewing Academy

Amani Sewing Academy is an expansion of a social enterprise initiative of Amani Women Center  (AWC). Refugee women participating in this program are in need of a safe space where they can continue making the products that they are already making as well as have an opportunity to acquire sewing skills.

Our products are unique in that they are handmade from recycled cloth, beads and seeds. 

The program opens up a world of opportunities and possibilities for expressing the creative side of the women while earning an income.