Refugee Women Reap What They “SEW” as AWC’s Workforce Development & Small Scale Manufacturing Gains Momemtum!


Amani Women Center’s (AWC) workforce development and small-scale manufacturing arm Clarkston Ga, is experiencing remarkable growth as socially responsible companies seek to partner with the organization for its exceptional production of upcycle and ethically produced goods. AWC believes that true empowerment means providing refugee women with the necessary tools for employability and quality job opportunities within their communities. In the garment industry, such opportunities are miles away from Clarkston and scarce, which is why establishing a local small-scale manufacturing program is a top priority.


Quality Craftsmanship Creates Opportunities
and Income for Refugee Women 

AWC fosters partnerships with companies that are committed to supporting refugee women striving for self-sufficiency. These partnerships are not only exciting; they are crucial to Amani’s mission  of creating quality job opportunities for some of the most vulnerable women in our communities. “Companies are turning to us because we have demonstrated our ability to deliver high-quality goods while ensuring fair wages.”

 – Doris Mukangu, AWC Founder and Executive Director


Inga & Evija Designs offers unique, hand-crafted, recycled, upcycled, and repurposed tote and crossbody bags, mini-wallets and pouches.
The Amani team made more than 1,000 items for their unique collection. “We have worked with the Amani team for several months and we couldn’t be happier with our experience,” said Inga Patterson. “The quality of work is outstanding. Communication is great. Whatever we need to get done, they get it done. We would definitely recommend the team for anyone’s manufacturing needs.” Emphasized Evija Fairo.

Rochelle Porter Design (RPD), a lifestyle brand that values sustainability and local production, hired the Amani team to produce over 400 table runners.                                                                                  
“By using local workers, I know that people are being treated well and paid fairly. They also just do a great job of production,”

Rochelle Porter said in an interview with Georgia Social Impact Collaborative Fellow Kayla Jones.

Sought + Found Mercantile sought out AWC Manufacturing to create 2,000 high-end, ethically produced covers for its new line of decorative pillows.

Sought + Found is a locally owned interior design business whose mission includes supporting local manufacturers.

Ginger Up Designs, dedicated to “Making Green Look Good”, hired the AWC team to produce 100 of their signature cosmetic bags. Ginger Up Designs makes stylish accessories and home goods using sustainable materials such as upcycled leather, denim, sail cloth, acrylic scraps and wood.

Maka Maka Lifestyles contracted the AWC team to produce elegant – and innovative – sari kimono designs. Socially and environmentally conscious Maka Maka creates sustainable, eco-friendly fair-trade home and fashion goods, and contributes to the livelihood of refugee women and artisans globally.

Dobaraa, Purveyor of Fashion Repurposed, chose the AWC team to produce a variety of sari-inspired goods for the company’s innovative collection. Dobaraa is social impact business
that fosters economic stability, especially for women.


“Sewing” the Seeds of a Brighter Future 

With logistics and supply chain challenges overseas, AWC anticipates attracting more contracts from companies interested in the ‘Made in America’ brand. As a result, we aim to expand our industrial equipment and workforce team from the current 28 members to 58 Amani women contractors by 2024.